Yozma Beit Midrash in EnglishYOZMA's new adult BET MIDRASH in ENGLISH

The Bet Midrash in English has resumed.

If you enjoy studying in an informal and relaxed atmosphere we are your address.  We are currently studying the book of Exodus; in our journey through the Tanach.

You do NOT have to be a native English speaker.  However, you do need to understand.  You can participate speaking Hebrew, Spanish, German or even Yiddish!

TIME: 19.00 -- 21.00 (7.00 pm - 9.00)
WHERE: Yozma Synagogue, 31 Chativat Givati St., Modiin

You are welcome to join us and even to bring a friend.
If you need a lift please call Rabbi Helen at 053-527-6018

Participants are requested to bring a Bible

Registration at YOZMA office: 08-9753461 or Email