YOZMA offers daily spiritual services and spiritual activities throughout the year.

yozma spirit valuesIn the field of spiritual life, YOZMA offers:

  • A vast space of study possibilities (formal and informal) for children, young and old
  • A sacred space for prayer, culture and heritage, a traditional and renewed Israeli experience, Kabbalat Shabbat, festivals and festivals
  • The rituals of the circle of life, rooted and renewed, the mammals anchored in ancient Hebrew culture and renewed.
    Milestones such as: birth ceremonies, mitzvos, marriages, memorials, etc., according to sewing tailored to the target audience
  • (Mishnah 6), "Doing justice and loving kindness ..." (Micha 6) - in the form of initiatives of social justice and Tikun Olam motivated by volunteers
  • Spiritual guidance of individuals and groups by rabbis and community leaders and volunteers in the field of pastoral care

We would be happy for you to join our community.