YOZMA’s mission is “…to create a pluralistic and creative Jewish center in the spirit of Progressive Judaism – one that aspires to Tikkun Olam and social justice and initiates services based upon Jewish pluralistic values.”

yozma tzedekYOZMA members believe that this mission is crucial in order for Israel to continue to be a source of inspiration and unity for the Jewish people all over the world.

YOZMA is firmly committed to social justice and received Modi’in’s Outstanding Volunteer Organization Award.

Our projects include:

  • Outreach to communities with disabilities.
    In 2001 we adopted the Beit Eden home for developmentally-challenged children from low-income families. Volunteers visit weekly to lead Kabbalat Shabbat ceremonies and holiday festivities. The highlight of our relationship with Beit Eden is an annual B’nai – B’not Mitzvah service and celebration. YOZMA sponsors additional programs geared for local families of children with special needs.
    Our highly-successful after-school weekly tutoring program in which volunteers tutor children from economically-challenged families.
  • Single-Parent Family Support
    We offer support groups and programs for single-parent families.
  • Food Bank
    We distribute holiday food packages to low-income families throughout the city of Modiin.
  • Bereavement Support Group
    We offer support to those in mourning.
  • Gamach Fund
    The purpose of our Gamach Fund is to assist families suffering from personal and economic tragedies and crisis.