Immediate Support for Victims, Evacuees and Soldiers

If you would like to directly contribute to our all-volunteer effort to support the victims of the recent attacks, our soldiers and reservists, Security forces, and evacuees in their fight for Israel, please use the form below to make an online-donation. 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing hygiene products, canned foods, diapers, medical equipment, socks, t-shirts, and more.

We know that if you were in Israel with us, you would want to help, so our volunteers are here to enable you to assist in the most direct and personal way possible.

The Online-Donation form below enables you to donate directly to this effort (Choose "Emergency War Relief Effort" in the dropdown box). However, we cannot offer a tax receipt through this form.

If you require a tax receipt, you can use this link:

Find "Make a Donation" on the right side of the KBY page. Step 1, in the dropdown, select “Yozma, Modi'in". Step 2, select, "No CD, Thank You." Step 3, enter the $ amount and click Donate. It requires a PayPal account. Your donation will go directly towards the effort, but it will take a few days for us to receive your contribution.

 Thank you for your support!